Art Nouveau Andirons

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Age 20th century
Style Art Nouveau/Arts & Crafts
Origin Netherlands
Depth 25.0 cm |9.8 inches
Height 38.0 cm |15.0 inches
Width 19.0 cm |7.5 inches
Materials Wrought iron, Brass
Color Other
Condition ***

Classification: ***: Very good condition, limited wear given the age and use. **: Clear signs of wear and possible structural problems including small instabilities. Still well suited for use in an open fireplace. *: Structural instability that hinders function other than decorative. For example, open fireplace tongs with a loose mechanism so that the ends can overlap. A fireback in this classification can still be used in a gas fireplace or as a backsplash. Should you want additional information about the quality or the classification of a specific fireplace accessory, do not hesitate to ask.

Reference x1510

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