Fire guards

English fire guards for sale

Below you can find our collection of antique and vintage, typical English, fireplace guards or fire guards. Depending on the size of the holes in the mesh, the fire guard protects against sparks or keeps children and pets away from the fire. In addition, they have significant decorative value. Read here more about the purposes of a firescreen: Purpose of a fireplace screen. Should you be in doubt about the size of your fireplace screen, then read more here: How big should a fireplace screen be?

Below you can select fireplace guards by size, type, material, style, age and origin. Should you have any doubts about your choice, feel free to call us (+31.653493998) or e-mail us: [email protected].

If you want to combine multiple fireplace accessories, we can propose a combination based on your wishes and/or take pictures of the selected fireplace accessories so that you can see whether it forms one beautiful whole.

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