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500+ firebacks and a choice of fireplace accessories

This website features a large collection of antique firebacks and andirons, it provides all fireplace accessories you need to beautify your fireplace and increase its heat radiation. Take into account that:

    • A fireback provides 50% more heat radiation. A cast iron fireback takes heat otherwise lost and radiates this heat to the room. A fireback thus works like a radiator and may increase the efficiency of the fire with as much as 50%. The thicker/heavier the fireback, the longer and softer this radiative effect.

    • We have a huge range of antique firebacks and other accesories. This website offers more than 500 old and antique cast iron firebacks, more than 250 pairs of antique fire dogs - andirons and a large collection of other types of antique fireplace accessories. You can use the Advanced Search and Sort functions to sort and select the articles for size, price, age, weight, name and such.

    • We provide expert advice. We can advise you on size, style and functionality of our fireplace accessories as well as combining different fireplace accessories to a beautiful and matching set. We can also send you pictures of desired combinations of fireplace accessories.

    • We deliver within 1-3 working days at sharp prices.  To the UK we charge €15 up to 30 kg and €37,50 up to 45 kg. Moreover, we offer duty free shipping to the US and Canada at very reasonable rates. All the items shown in this site are in stock, can be ordered online and will be delivered within 3 working days, also to the US. 


Fireplace Firebacks in Showroom Amerongen


Pure and Noble

The oldest fireback dates back from 1460 and was used by the French royal premises. Originally, firebacks were luxury items to be used exclusively by the royalty and aristocracy. Thus the early firebacks show the coat of arms and crowns of royalty and aristocracy. Later the firebacks received more decorative designs about classical stories, nature and rural live.

The fireback has always had two important functions:

1. It protects the backside of the fireplace against cracking and chipping.
2. The thick iron keeps the heat that would else be lost and gives back this heat to the room. A fireback thus works like a radiator and may increase the efficiency of the fire with as much as 50%. The thicker the fireback, the longer and softer this radiative effect.

A fireplace will never match the efficiency of a stove. Yet, burning wood is a low carbon option. The carbon dioxide that is produced when burning is approximately the same as that absorbed by the tree over the time it is growing. As long as the wood does not move over long distances using fossil fuels, the CO2 emission of a fire is significantly lower than that of fossil fuels.

A fireplace provides warmth, security and style, even if the fireplace isn't usually the main source of heating anymore. An antique fireback reinforces this by the honesty of the material, the timelessness, beauty and historical significance of the fireback.

Also, the antique fireback is used for functions other than in a fireplace, such as a backsplash for a stove or just as a decoration on the wall.


Cast iron firebacks in Amerongen


How to use this website

All displayed fireplace accessories are singularly available. For each fireback and for most fireplace accessories we have indicated our taxation of its actual age, thus also if it is a recent reproduction of an old design. In addition, we indicate the condition of each fireback. Each fireback is in principle suitable for normal use in the fireplace, also the weathered and cracked firebacks, unless explicitly stated that it is only suitable for decorative use. Under Tips the various quality categories used in the website are described.


Our cast iron firebacks are in principle sorted by increasing width to facilitate your selection process. In addition, our Advanced Search function allows you to search our collection by features such as width, height, weight, price and name. And you can save your favorite items in My Favorites and mail them to yourself and others.

If you have questions, for example about the use of firebacks or the nature of specific damages of firebacks, please contact us by phone (+31.653493998, European business hours) or by mail ( Also, if you need pictures of a higher resolution, we are happy to mail them to you. We can also send you pictures of desired combinations of fireplace accessories.

It is of course possible to see our firebacks for yourself. This is possible by appointment.

We hope that our special collection of unique, old firebacks, andirons and fireplace accessories will seduce you to further improve your fireplace.


Fireback firebacks in showroom Amerongen, The Netherlands