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Cooking in the fireplace involves dedication and traditional methods such as roasting and grilling. Antique cookware, like a ladle, enhances this authentic experience. Ladles are used for stirring, basting, and serving, with smaller ones perfect for tasting. Explore our collection of ladles here. Also, read more about it: Antique kitchen utensils for cooking in the fireplace

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3 Items

Antique Ladle made of 15,16,31
Antique Ladle made of 15,16
Vintage Ladle made of 149,155

3 Items

Cooking with an antique ladle

All our antique ladles are suitable for use in the hearth. They are great for stirring soups or stews hanging over the fire and basting meats during roasting or grilling. Ladles are also essential for serving. Smaller ladles are specifically handy for tasting.

Origin of the ladles

Our individual ladles are part of a limited collection as we typically sell them in sets on racks. The majority of our ladles originate from France and the Netherlands and are crafted from materials like wrought iron, brass, or copper, often featuring a wrought iron handle.

Pay attention to the craftsmanship

Each of our antique ladles is hand-forged, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship. Their historical value and durability make them not only functional but also a sustainable choice for long-term use.

Pay attention to the size of the ladle

Ladles come in various lengths, with longer ones ideal for large hearths where they can easily reach into deep pots. The bowl size also varies; smaller bowls are used for tasting while larger ones are better suited for serving. Our ladles are available in different lengths, widths, and depths, allowing for a tailored selection.

Pay attention to the decorative function of the ladle

An antique ladle serves more than a culinary function; it is also a decorative piece. Whether displayed in a hearth not used for cooking or used as a kitchen accent, these ladles add a touch of elegance. Their varied materials and designs allow them to complement other hearth cookware or accessories beautifully. Displaying them on an antique rack enhances their aesthetic appeal. Learn more about how to style hearth cookware on a rack on the next page: hanging hearth sets with antique kitchenware for cooking in the hearth