Antique skimmers for sale

Cooking in a fireplace involves traditional methods such as roasting and grilling, which are enhanced by the use of antique cookware like skimmers. Skimmers were traditionally used to remove foam from soups or to retrieve items like herbs or meat from stews. Discover our selection of antique skimmers and learn more about this traditional cookware: Antique kitchen utensils for cooking in the fireplace

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12 Items

Antique Skimmer made of 33,47
Vintage Skimmer made of 15,16
Vintage Skimmer made of Polished copper
Antique Skimmer made of Wrought iron
Antique Skimmer made of 33,47
Antique Skimmer made of 15,16
Antique Skimmer made of 33,47
Antique Skimmer made of Brass
Antique Skimmer made of 16,31
Antique Skimmer made of 33,47
Antique Skimmer made of 33,47
Vintage Skimmer made of Copper

12 Items

Cooking with an antique skimmer

Our antique skimmers are fully functional for use in the hearth. They are perfect for removing foam from broths or stews and for extracting items like meat or herbs during the cooking process.

Origin of the skimmers

Our collection includes individual skimmers as well as sets mounted on racks. Most of our skimmers originate from France and the Netherlands and were crafted in the 19th century. They are primarily made from brass or copper, often featuring a wrought iron handle for durability and a traditional aesthetic.

Pay attention to the craftsmanship

Skimmers are not only functional but also highly decorative. Hand-forged by skilled artisans, they stand as testament to enduring craftsmanship. Their functionality combined with their historical charm makes them a sustainable choice for both use and display.

Pay attention to the size of the skimmer

Skimmers are available in various sizes to suit different cooking needs. Longer handles are ideal for larger fireplaces, allowing you to reach into deep pots safely. The size of the skimmer's bowl varies; larger bowls are useful for large pots, while smaller ones are better for smaller pots. You can choose a skimmer based on the length, width, and depth suitable for your cooking and hearth dimensions.

Pay attention to the decorative function of the skimmer

An antique skimmer is a beautiful addition to any kitchen or hearth. Its material and design can harmoniously blend with other cookware or serve as a standout piece on its own. Skimmers are particularly striking when displayed on an antique rack, enhancing the rustic charm of any setting. Explore how to creatively mix and match hearth cookware on a rack on the next page: sets of antique kitchenware for cooking in the hearth