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Enhance Your Fireplace with Antique Accessories

Fireplaces bring warmth, comfort, and style to any home, even if they're no longer the main heating source. Antique accessories, with their timeless beauty and superior craftsmanship, elevate this experience. These artisan-made items surpass modern equivalents in quality, offering both function and safety improvements for your fireplace. A cast iron fireback, for instance, not only acts as a radiator to boost your fireplace's efficiency by up to 50% but also lasts longer due to its thickness and weight. Explore how andirons/firedogs and grates can improve airflow and discover the decorative and functional benefits of antique accessories in our blog: What Fireplace Accessories Do I Need?


Discover the Largest Collection of Fireplace Accessories

Our extensive selection includes over 500 antique and vintage fire backs, more than 300 pairs of andirons/firedogs, and 1500+ other antique fireplace accessories like grates, screens, tool sets, and log holders. Explore our offerings online: 500+ antique and vintage fireplace firebacks for sale


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Get your order delivered worldwide within 1-10 working days at competitive rates. EU orders above €165 (excl. VAT) ship free. We offer express shipping to the US and Canada at reasonable prices. Shipping quotes are available in your shopping cart. All items are in stock, allowing for quick delivery—generally within 4 days in Europe and 2-10 days in the US. Prices exclude VAT.


Cast iron fireback for sale


Expert Advice Available

Our blog features articles on using fireplace accessories effectively, and we're here to offer personalized advice. Send us photos and measurements of your fireplace, and we'll suggest suitable accessories, starting with the fireback. We'll help with dimensions, style, and functionality, showing how to create a harmonious set with your accessories. Photos of desired combinations are available upon request.


Make a Sustainable Choice

Sustainable heating involves quickly creating and maintaining an efficient, low-emission fire. It's about burning wood effectively to minimize soot, CO2, and wood consumption. Using your fireplace heat efficiently contributes to sustainable home heating. Learn more in our blog: 12 Tips For Eco-friendly Fireplace Use

Our accessories not only support a sustainably burning fire but also represent a sustainable choice, being vintage or antique, hence not newly manufactured and often more durable and beautifully crafted.