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Explore our collection of fireplace brushes that blend functionality with style, seamlessly complementing your fireplace's decor and accompanying accessories like pokers and shovels. The main purpose of the fire brush is to sweep ash that has come out of the fireplace or wood stove back into the fireplace or away from the wood stove. Additionally, the fireside brush can be used to clean the fireplace after the ash has been scooped out. When choosing a fireplace broom, pay attention to the width and shape of the hearth brush (round or elongated). Smaller round fireplace brushes are better for sweeping in the corners of the fireplace or wood stove. With a larger elongated fire brush, you can sweep faster. Choose the perfect fireplace brush below based on size, price, material, style, age, and origin. Also read: What fireplace tools do you need?

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Napoleon III Fire Brush made of Wood
Napoleon III Fire Brush made of 16,149
Napoleon III Fire Brush made of Wood
Napoleon III Fire Brush made of Wood
French Fireplace Brush made of Wood
Napoleon III Fire Brush made of Wood
English Fireside Brush made of Polished brass

7 Items

Consider craftsmanship

Antique fireplace brushes are handcrafted and often look beautiful when combined with other antique fireplace tools such as fireplace tongs and fireplace shovels. Especially English fireside brushes can be very decorative. The craftsmanship required for this is rarely seen nowadays. It requires time, skill, and creativity. Besides being beautiful, choosing an antique fireplace broom is a sustainable choice. Precisely because they are not new and are sturdy. However, it is true that the brush part can wear out after many years of use. As a result, there are few usable antique hearth brushes available.

Selection of fire brushes

Our antique fire brushes come from France and England. The French fireplace brush has an elongated brush and is made of wood or brass. The English one is often more decorated and has a round brush. Polished brass is mainly used as material. The fireplace brooms can be selected by country of origin.

Consider the length of the hearth brush

The larger the fireplace and the larger the fire, the more ash the fireplace produces. In that case, it is more convenient to choose a longer fire brush with a larger brush.

Consider how you want to store the fireplace broom

Some people will often use the fireplace brush to sweep away some ash, while others will only use it during a fireplace or wood stove cleaning session. In any case, it is handy to store the fire brush near the fireplace or wood stove together with the other fireplace tools. Smaller fireplace brushes are often hung on a rack or stand. Longer fireplace brushes can be placed in the fireplace or against a corner on the outside of the fireplace or wood stove. A stand can also be a solution if the stand's tray is large enough for the width of the brush. The advantage of a stand is that the ash falls into the tray.

Consider the decorative function of the fireplace brush

The antique version of the modest fireplace brush often has a decorative value due to the craftsmanship. A beautiful fireplace brush adds value to the fireplace or wood stove. Pay attention to a few things. Which style of fire brush goes well with the fireplace / wood stove, and with the other fireplace accessories, such as other fireplace tools, the fireback, fireplace tongs, and firewood holder? How elegant or robust should the brush be? Which material looks the best? In general, there is a choice between brass or wood. Does polished or unpolished look better? Also read: How do i decorate my fireplace?