We sell three kinds of fireplace screens: (1) Fireplace screens or fire screens with a fine mesh that sparks cannot pass through, (2) English fire guards that protect against sparks or keep children and pets at a distance, depending on the size of the holes in the mesh, and (3) Fire fenders that prevent ash from entering the room from the fireplace. Below you can select 75+ fireplace screens by width, height, price, age and style. Read also: The best decorative fireplace screen in our view

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Items 1-25 of 170

Items 1-25 of 170


Size of fireplace screen

Fireplace screens often have a height of around 50 cm (19.6"). This height is sufficient if you stoke moderate fires with dry wood and at a fire height of no more than 10 cm (3.9"). If you are stoking up large fires, then it is wise to choose a higher fire screen. If the height of the fire is higher than 10 cm (3.9"), then you should also adjust the height of the fireplace screening. The size of the inside of the fireplace is also an essential factor.

Completely enclose the fire

The fireplace screen must fit properly the width of the fireplace or properly enclose the fire. In many fireplaces, you can solve this problem with a multi-panel fireplace screen. For example, our newly handmade screen for our French Model can be extended to up to six panels. Also, ensure that the fireplace screen has fine mesh so that no sparks can get through it.

View of the fire

Finding a fireplace screen that does not stand out too much is essential to keep the fire viewable. It is less noticeable if the screen for fireplace forms a whole with the fireplace. This is usually the case with a dark fireplace screen. A fireplace screen made of brass often stands out more, especially if it is polished brass. The degree of decoration of the screen also plays a role. A highly decorated screen stands out more. On the other hand, a striking fireplace screen can look great in an unused fireplace. This is because it gives the impression of a used fireplace.

The fireplace screen should not block too much heat

Choose a fireplace screen that does not have too fine and thick a mesh. The more the mesh is open, the less heat it blocks. Of course, the mesh should be fine enough to block sparks. Many traditional French fireplace screens have this feature because it has a spacious braided mesh that stops all the sparks. Do not choose a glass screen. Glass blocks heat radiation of a fire. This is, therefore, not a sustainable choice.

Keep small children and animals away from fire

Teach children at an early age that fire is dangerous. But at the same time, keep children and animals at a distance from the fire. Therefore, choose a fireplace screen that closes or encloses the fire at a distance. A fire guard is designed for this purpose and often blends in nicely with the fireplace. But if it has a coarse mesh screen, it is only suitable as a fireplace screen if no sparks from the fire can get into the room. This is the case, for example, with a gas fireplace.

Pay attention to the weight of the fireplace screen

A large screen has the disadvantage of being heavy and difficult to store. If there is also a door on the screen, it is extra heavy. The screen is then always in front of the fireplace. A folding fireplace screen is often lighter than a screen with a large panel and can easily be put away. Fireplace screens with a small panel are also less heavy.

Ease of storage

Choose a multi-panel fireplace screen because it folds easily and also looks decorative when folded. So you can put it right next to the fireplace for storage. However, large screens with a large center panel, especially if it has a door, are often heavy to move and do not look nice right next to the fireplace. Therefore, such a screen usually remains in front of the fireplace.

Proper style of fireplace screen

Fireplace screens are basically no older than the 18th century. The styles of fireplace screens follow the styles of the fireplace and of the house. The first screens in France were Louis XIV and the first fireplace screens in the United Kingdom have the Georgian style. Choosing a fireplace screen in the style of the fireplace and of the house is usually a wonderful idea. But ultimately this is a matter of taste. A simple fireplace screen can also look beautiful in a richly decorated fireplace.

Decoration of an unused fireplace

For an unused fireplace, you can choose any decorative fireplace screen, fire guard, or fender that blends in with the fireplace. If the fireplace is bricked up, you can choose a fireplace screen consisting of a panel on legs. Since safety is not an issue, you can leave out any screen size and mesh requirements. You can, therefore, put an English fire guard in front of the fireplace. This gives instant atmosphere to the fireplace but is not always suitable as a fireplace screen. Furthermore, you can choose a fine mesh that blocks more cold from the fireplace because the material is more solid.

Get advice

On our website, it is possible to select fire screens by material, size, and style. If you are unsure which fireplace screen would fit, you can always contact us (see below). We can certainly give sound advice about the best fireplace screens if you send us the dimensions and possibly a picture.