With our mounting brackets or fastening brackets for firebacks, you can safely install the fireback, preventing it from falling over. A fireback, typically made of cast iron, is prone to breakage if it falls. Our wall brackets, crafted by a blacksmith in the Netherlands, are made of wrought iron with brass plugs to withstand the heat of the fire. These fastening brackets are suitable for stone walls, including natural stone and brick. We offer two types of mounting brackets: one (ref. X004) for firebacks up to 2 cm (0.79") thick, and another (ref. X002) for thicker plates. For more information, see: How do I install a fireback?

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Small Mounting Brackets Fireback | 1 Pair made of 15,16
Mounting Brackets Fireback | 1 Pair made of 15,16

2 Items

Installing the fireback in the fireplace

Typically, a fireback is positioned at the bottom of the fireplace. In this case, you'll need one pair of mounting brackets to secure it, either on the side or at the top. Mounting on the side is less conspicuous, but sometimes space constraints necessitate top mounting. It's recommended to place the mounting brackets about 10 cm (3.94") from the top corners.

If aesthetically pleasing, the fireback can be raised slightly within the fireplace by hanging it. This may be preferable if there's a fire basket in front of the fireback obscuring its view. Instructions for hanging the fireback are provided below. Ensure that a hung fireback adequately covers the wall behind the fire. For further details, visit: How do I install a fireback?

Hanging a fireback

A fireback can serve as a wall decoration, a backsplash above the stove, or be positioned within the fireplace itself. Even heavy firebacks can be hung with proper support. For this, you'll need at least two pairs of mounting brackets to secure the fireback at the bottom and top. For more guidance, consult: How do I install a fireback? and How to install a fireback backsplash above a stove?

Securing the fireback with wall brackets

To secure the fastening brackets, first, determine their placement, leaving approximately 5 mm (0.2") of space between the fireback and the drill hole. This ensures adequate room for expansion due to the fire's heat. Use an 8 mm (0.32") drill bit for the 6 mm (0.23") brass plug (type X004) and a 10 mm (0.39") bit for the 8 mm (0.32") plug (type X002). The drill holes should match the length of the plugs. Screw the brass plugs about 2 cm (0.78") onto the mounting brackets before tightening them into the drill holes. Maintain at least 2 mm (0.08") of space between the mounting brackets and the fireback to accommodate expansion from the fire's heat.