How do I attach a fireback?

It is undesirable for a fireback to be able to fall over. First for the safety of you and your housemates, and cast iron can also break if it falls. It is therefore advisable to secure a fireback against falling with a few attachment brackets.

Our installation brackets for firebacks have a brass plug that will not melt from the heat of the fire. You can mount the installation brackets in two different places: at the top of the fireback and on the side of the fireback. It is less noticeable when the installation brackets are installed at the side. If the fireback does not leave any room at the sides, the brackets can also be attached at the top of the fireback. It is recommended to place the attachment brackets on the sides approximately 10 cm (3.9") below the top edge of the fireback. For attachment at the top, it is recommended to place the brackets approximately 10 cm (3.9") from the corners.

If you want to wall-mount the fireback you need 2 pairs of mounting brackets, if the fireback rests on the ground one pair will do.


Mounting brackets for fireback


In order to install the installation brackets, you first drill two holes on the sides or above the fireback. Between the drill hole and fireback, you leave a space of approximately 5 mm (0.2"). This gives space for the installation bracket and allows the fireback to expand slightly due to the heat.

For the installation brackets X001 and X002, which have a brass plug of 8 mm (3.2") in diameter, a hole with a diameter of 10 mm needs to be drilled. For installation brackets of the type X004 with a brass plug with a diameter of 6 mm (2.4") , the drill hole needs to have a diameter of 8 mm (3.2"). You drill the hole to the same depth as the length of the brass plug.

After the hole has been drilled, you turn the brass plugs approximately 2 cm (0.8") into the installation brackets. You then place the plug with bracket into the drill hole. You then screw the brackets in securely, with a minimum of 2 mm (0.08") of space between the bracket and the fireback remaining for the expansion of the open-hearth fireback.


Antique fireplace by


Antique fireplace by


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