How do I decorate a gas fireplace like a real fireplace?


The gas fireplace is gaining popularity

While a wood-burning fireplace has its romantic allure, it comes with several drawbacks not found in gas fireplaces. Here are the advantages of opting for a gas fireplace:

  • No need to carry firewood.
  • Lighting the fireplace is effortless.
  • No ashes to clean afterward.
  • Eliminates draft issues common in traditional fireplaces, though installation of a gas fireplace does have its own requirements.
  • Allows for easy control, turning on and off as needed without staying hot, making it safe to leave the house or go to bed immediately after use.
  • Prevents fire sparks from entering the room.
  • Produces fewer CO2 emissions and fine particle pollutants compared to wood burning.
  • Can be installed in various locations within a home due to flexible venting options, including through the facade.

However, gas is not a renewable resource, which is a downside compared to wood. Yet, gas fireplaces can be used in an environmentally friendly manner thanks to their on-demand operation, presence-dependent lighting, and adjustable temperature settings for ambiance over heat.


Gas fireplace decorated as wood-burning fireplace with a fireplace grate


Furthermore, a natural gas connection is not a necessity for a gas fireplace. Many models work with propane, either from bottles or tanks, and can even use bio LPG, an eco-friendly option.

The appeal of gas fireplaces is undeniable. Yet, achieving the look and feel of a traditional wood-burning fireplace is often desired. The following steps, featuring antique fireplace accessories, can help accomplish this effect.


Gas fireplace decorated as wood-burning fireplace


Towards a gas fireplace that looks like a 'real' fireplace


Step 1 | Install the burner bed on andirons with a grate or in a fire basket

For an authentic look, install the burner bed within the fireplace, hidden by andirons and a grate or a fire basket. Conceal the gas lines under a log for a seamless appearance. Antique andirons with a grate or an antique fire basket immediately set the tone for the fireplace. The following article provides insight into the selection process for andirons and a grate or a fire basket: 10 Tips for choosing a fireplace grate or andirons. Choose these components in consultation with your installer, ensuring they fit the fireplace's dimensions and the specifications of the burner bed and logs.

It's worth noting that not all gas fireplace installers may be enthusiastic about creating a traditional look, as it may limit their accessory sales and require additional modifications. Spurious arguments, such as that the installation then will not be insured, etc., are a clear signal of that lack of willingness. Should this be the case, seeking an installer who embraces this vision is advisable, as there are many who do.


Gas fireplace decorated as wood-burning fireplace


Step 2 | Invest in beautiful ceramic logs

Select ceramic logs that mimic real wood as closely as possible, considering hand-painted options for added realism.


Step 3 | Place a fireback against the back wall of the fireplace

An antique fireback instantly sets the tone for the fireplace. An antique fireback not only enhances the aesthetic but also improves heat efficiency by up to 50%. For the best fit and complementary design, consider the dimensions and style of your fireplace setup. Read also: Which size of fireback fits in my open fireplace?.


Gas fireplace looks as if the real thing


Step 4 | Place antique fireplace accessories around the fireplace

Complement the andirons or fire basket and fireback with antique fireplace accessories. A cohesive set including a fireback, andirons or fire basket, fire screen, fireplace tools, and a log holder can enhance the traditional feel. The log holder, filled with wood, alongside a visually impactful fireplace screen, can help obscure any modern elements like glass plates.

The antique fireplace accessories can strengthen the strong points of a fireplace and push the less strong points into the background. You can match the fireplace in terms of style or opt for contrast. Antique fireplace accessories also combine very well with a modern fireplace. The following article explains which choices you can make when decorating a fireplace using antique fireplace accessories: How do I decorate my fireplace?.


Gas fireplace decorated as wood-burning fireplace with antique andir


Gas fireplace decorated as wood-burning fireplace with antique firedogs


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Gas fireplace decorated as wood-burning fireplace with antique firedogs



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