How do I decorate my fireplace?

Fireplace accessories have all kinds of functions for the fireplace. A fireback radiates heat and thus increases the effectiveness of the fire. In addition, a fireback protects the back wall of the fireplace. With fireplace tools, you can increase or decrease the fire. And andirons, together with a grate, can improve the draft in the hearth. In addition to their functional properties, fireplace accessories can also embellish the fireplace. That is what it is all about here: How do I decorate my fireplace with antique fireplace accessories so that my fireplace looks better? We do this in a number of steps.


Fireplace nicely decorated with fireplace accessories


Step 1. Which fireplace accessories do I really need?

The first step is to consider which fireplace accessories you really need. Read this article about that first: Which fireplace accessories do I need?


Step 2. Which additional fireplace accessories do I need to form one beautiful whole?

In addition to the fireplace accessories you really need, you can choose fireplace accessories that, together with the fireplace accessories you really need, form one beautiful whole. This whole is then a beautiful set of fireplace accessories. For a complete set, consider a fireback, with andirons and a grate, a fire screen, fireplace tools and a wood box. But as we will see below, a complete set is not always necessary to embellish the fireplace.


Step 3. What do I really think of my fireplace?

The next step is to judge on your own fireplace. What do you think of your fireplace? Do I think the fireplace is beautiful? Or do I not like how the fireplace looks? What are the great things about my fireplace, and what is not as beautiful?


Step 4. Which strengths in my fireplace would I like to amplify, and which lesser points would I like to de-emphasize?

In this step, you think about how to work with your judgement according to the principle that you want to amplify the strengths of the fireplace and detract from the weaknesses. Or, how can fireplace accessories strengthen my beautiful fireplace? Or on the other hand: how do I divert attention from my not-so-nice fireplace with antique fireplace accessories? And of course everything in between.


Step 5. Which of the solutions below best fits my perspective from Step 4?

We have formulated a number of solutions and indicate for each solution how to choose the best fireplace accessories. Mind you, this is not about the practical aspects, such as the best sizes or the best type. For that, we refer to our articles about the purpose, application and choice of different fireplace accessories.


General style tips

First a few general style tips:

  • - In a large fireplace, the larger fireplace accessories are often beautiful, and in a smaller fireplace, the smaller fireplace accessories. But if you want to draw more attention with fireplace accessories, it is important not to choose too small a size.
  • - Keep the whole harmonious. You choose the fireplace accessories entirely depending on taste and the degree of contrast you want in the fireplace. At any rate, bring a degree of balance in the chosen accessories. This can be done in many different ways. The choice for brass instead of red copper because it is beautiful with the gold fireplace mirror. The choice for andirons with a brown patina with a fireback with the same brown patina. The choice for accessories from the same style period. Etcetera.


Fireplace nicely decorated with fireplace accessories



Bring warmth and contrast to a modern fireplace

A modern fireplace is often designed in a sleek way. Old elements can give just a bit more warmth there without compromising the modern character of the fireplace (and the house). Our style tip is then to choose the more soberly designed fireplace accessories, not very richly decorated fireplace accessories. That fits best. Would you like more contrast? Then choose more decorated fireplace accessories. Depending on the atmosphere in the home, more rural or more classic fireplace accessories may be chosen.


Modern fireplace decorated with antique fireplace accessories

Modern fireplace nicely decorated with antique fireplace accessories


Strengthen the beautiful style elements of the (antique) fireplace

The original style of the fireplace is often the same as the style of the house. Both rural fireplaces and classic fireplaces may contain style elements from the style period of the house. In this article, you get an overview of the different styles of fireplaces and fireplace accessories, from the Middle Ages to the Modern era: Fireplace accessories and styles

The beautiful style elements of the fireplace are enhanced by choosing fireplace accessories from the same style period. At the same time, choose accessories that harmonize in size and colour with the whole. On our website, it is possible to choose fireplace accessories by style period.


Fireplace with same style fireplace accessories


Make a fireplace more impressive

The fireplace has strong points, but you want on the whole more charisma from the fireplace and a more impressive character. Choose fireplace accessories that match the style of the fireplace. Tough accessories with a sturdy fireplace. Baroque accessories for a Baroque fireplace, etc. At the same time, choose accessories that might be just a bit too big for the fireplace and have a contrasting colour with the fireplace but have a connection with the colours in the interior. The matching style makes it one beautiful whole that reinforces the fireplace, but the size of the fireplace accessories and the colour contrast make the fireplace more impressive.

In this article, you will find information about the different styles of fireplaces and accessories: Fireplace accessories and styles


Sturdy fireplace made lighter with fireplace accessories


Move the attention from a not-so-nice fireplace to beautiful fireplace accessories

Some fireplaces are simply not finished with the finest materials, and sometimes the finish itself leaves something to be desired. There are also no clear style elements that you can pick up on (see above). With a nicely chosen set of fireplace accessories, you can give the fireplace a completely different look. Ensure a harmonious and stylish whole, where the colors and chosen style are well matched. Then the fireplace accessories best reinforce each other and draw the most attention as a whole.

Do not choose fireplace accessories that are too small, but rather a set of, for example, a fireback with andirons and a grate that fill the fireplace well and detract from the materials of the fireplace. Another way to divert attention is to choose a nice fender or fireguard that completely surrounds the fireplace.


Ugly fireplace beautified with antique fireplace accessories


Change the character of the fireplace

Your fireplace has character, perhaps from a certain style period, but you simply do not like the style or style elements. You can change the character of the fireplace with a well-chosen and contrasting style. The contrast can also be in the colour, for example by choosing a striking material such as polished steel, brass or copper. The contrast can be in the size of the accessories. Accessories that are just slightly too large divert attention from the fireplace.

It works very well to choose a set that as a whole has a different style than the fireplace. That is, a style that fits well with the interior but in principle does not have the same style as the fireplace. Baroque elements in a Neoclassical fireplace or tough rural elements in an Art Nouveau fireplace. An overview of the different styles can be found on: Fireplace accessories and styles. It os also possible to select the fireplace accessories by style.


Fireplace with different style fireplace accessories


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Nicely decorated fireplace with antique fireplace accessories


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