Which size of andirons or fire dogs do I need?

Advantage of andirons or firedogs

There are several advantages to using fireplace andirons or fire dogs. Because the fire is lifted up, air can flow under the fire, resulting in better burning of the wood. This is important in the context of environmentally friendly burning. Another advantage is that because the fire is higher, the chimney will warm up faster when the fire is lit. This creates a better draft in the fireplace, so that the fire burns better.

Andirons can be used with or without a matching grate. If the logs are so large that they can be placed across both andirons, no grate is required. If the logs are too small for that, it is advisable to place a grate on the crossbars of the andirons or fire dogs.


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Depth of the andirons or firedogs

For determining the correct size of the fireplace andirons, it is particularly the depth of the fireplace andiron that is important, or the length of the crossbars. The minimum depth is 50% of the depth of the fireplace. The fire is built against the rear wall of the fireplace, so that the crossbars of the andiron or fire dog are also perpendicular to the rear wall. The fire must come to at least the middle of the fireplace.

At the maximum depth, the crossbars must fit within the fireplace. The front of the andirons may protrude slightly from the fireplace, unless a lintel forms a barrier. It is important that the fire remains inside the fireplace and that any grate fits within the fireplace. Another limitation is any ventilation grate that may be present. Building a fire on top of the ventilation grate is not ideal.


Fireplace andirons or fire dogs for sale


Width of the andirons or fire dogs

There is no minimum width between the andirons other than that it is a matter of taste.

There is a maximum width of the andiron or fire dog as such. The andiron cannot be so wide relative to the fireplace that there is hardly any space left between the pair of andirons for the fire. This also depends on the desired size of the fire. If using a grate on the fireplace andirons for your fire, at least the smallest size grate must fit on the crossbars of the andirons. This means a minimum of 36-cm between the crossbars of the andirons, i.e. 10 cm less than the indicated width of the grate (that is, the outside dimension): Narrowest available fireplace grate for andirons or fire dogs


Andirons or fire dogs for sale


Height of the andirons or firedogs

There are no functional requirements for the height of fireplace andirons. That is a matter of taste. The following points may be considerations for you:

  • Do the andirons match the fireplace in terms of style?
  • How imposing or unimposing do you want the andirons to be? Imposing andirons can enhance an impressive fireplace, but they also draw attention away from a less beautiful fireplace.
  • Do the andirons fit with any fireback being used? Is it a nice balance in terms of style? Sometimes, it is nice to choose simpler andirons or fire dogs with an imposing fireback. Or vice versa. Imposing andirons can really come into their own with a fairly simple fireback.

Andirons or firedogs for sale

Fireplace andirons or fire dogs for sale

Andiron or fire dog for sale


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Andirons or firedogs for sale



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