How do I choose a fireplace tool set?


Fireplace tools are needed to manage the fire

Fireplace tools are indispensable for building a fire in an open fireplace or a wood stove. You manage the fire with them, with the aim of maintaining a good and quietly burning fire. Fireplace tool sets should consist of fireplace tongs, a poker, a fireplace shovel and a blowpipe. A fireplace set is the whole of the fireplace tools, possibly supplemented by something to store them in.


A fireplace tool set can be very decorative

In addition to the functionality, a fireplace poker set can be very decorative. Antique fireplace sets in particular are often works of art and smithed in a way that smiths today cannot match. Plenty of reasons to devote attention to choosing a fireplace tool set.


1 | Which fireplace tools should I choose for the fireplace set?

In our blog Which fireplace tools do you need?, the purpose of the different fireplace tools is explained. You always need fireplace tongs. A poker is handy, but French tongs (without a hinge) or a blowpipe can also serve as a poker. A fireplace shovel is indispensable for regulating the ash layer. The blowpipe is an incredible, but difficult to find, instrument for breathing new life into the fire. 


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2 | Do I want a matching fireplace set?

Matching fireplace tools in the fireplace set make one harmonious whole, certainly when it fits well with the fireplace. Even so, a mix-and-match set of different fireplace tools can result in a beautifully nonchalant feel that can fit very well with the room or the fireplace. Examples include mixing and matching different styles or materials or country of origin. You purchase a matching fireplace set all at once as a whole set, but you do not have to purchase the fireplace utensils in a mix-and-match set all at the same time.


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3 | May my fireplace set stand out?

A large fireplace set in principle fits well with a large fireplace, and a smaller fireplace set with a smaller fireplace. That harmonizes best, but it is also logical because you can build a fire with heavier blocks of wood in a larger fireplace, and the distance to the fire is greater than with a smaller fireplace. Furthermore, an impressive fireplace set often fits better with an impressive fireplace. But make sure that the fireplace poker set does not compete for attention with the fireplace if the fireplace is especially beautiful. Conversely, with an impressive fireplace set, you can draw attention away from a less beautiful fireplace. By playing on this, you can achieve the greatest effect.


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4 | Which style best fits my fireplace?

Here too, you can create a lovely, harmonious whole by aligning the style of the fireplace set with the style of the fireplace. So, for example, a Neoclassical fireplace set fits with a Neoclassical fireplace, and simple (large) French fireplace set with a French country fireplace. Even so, you do not have to be rigid about this. A Baroque fireplace set from the 18th century can look beautiful with a new, sleek fireplace, or a simpler Victorian fireplace set with a fireplace that is heavily ornamented.


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5 | How do I want to store my fireplace set?

There are different ways to store a fireplace set. In short, there are hangers, rests and stands. In the blog Which fireplace tools do you need?, you can read what the advantages and disadvantages are of the different storage methods. With hangers, you can hang the fireplace tools more out of sight on the side of the fireplace. That is a solution if you do not want your fireplace tools to stand out so much. Stands are very practical because the fireplace tools are easy to reach, and the ash falls in the tray at the bottom. Stands are also highly decorative, and you can place them in different ways around the fireplace. Stands in principle are more noticeable, but there are also modest versions. Rests are in principle placed in front of the fireplace and can represent a beautiful decorative addition to the fireplace. Rests are also practical to use. There are fireplace sets for sale complete with rests, hangers or stands, which then form a matching whole. You can also purchase the fireplace tools separately.


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You can also place a fireplace set loose against the corner of the fireplace. You then create a nonchalant look. That fits well for example with a French country fireplace. It has the disadvantage that the fireplace tools may fall over or slip.


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