How do I choose a fireplace screen?


We distinguish three types of fire screens: 

  1. Fire screens that protect the house, people and animals against the risks of a burning fire
  2. Decorative screens or summer screens that only serve to decorate the fireplace when there is no fire burning
  3. Fire screens that protect people from the heat of the fire (primarily a function from the past)


Antique Fire Screen


In this blog, we assume that fire screens mainly have a safety function.

A fire screen may be chosen for its material, shape, style and origin and of course for its size.


Material of the fire screen

Fire screens in front of a burning fire must be fireproof and are therefore usually made of a metal. Newer screens can also be (partly) made of glass.

To preserve the view of the fire, these screens often have panels that are covered with iron mesh or copper mesh. The iron mesh of the traditional French fire screens we find the least noticeable: you look right through it, in a manner of speaking. Glass also has this purpose, of course, but has the disadvantage, unlike mesh, that it blocks the heat from the fire.

The choice of material also determines the extent to which the fireplace screen stands out when it stands in front of the fire. A brass fire screen is much more noticeable than a fire screen made of iron with iron mesh. The degree of decoration of the screen also plays a role in this.

Decorative screens can be made of any material. Even from non-fireproof materials. Previously, for example, you often saw decorative screens with a wooden frame and an embroidered panel. Screens that protect against the heat of the fire often have a panel that consists of a copper plate.


Polished Brass Fireplace ScreenPolished Brass Fireplace Screen


Iron French ScreenIron French Screen


Heat Protection ScreenHeat Protection Screen


Shape of the fire screen

A fire screen can consist of one or more panels.

Fire screens for larger fireplaces or fireplaces with a round shape often have multiple panels on low legs. These screens are often easier to arrange around the fire. They have the further advantage that the screen can be placed folded up next to the fireplace and therefore occupies less space when not in use.

Purely decorative screens or screens that used to protect against the heat of the fire often have one panel that is either attached to one long - often height adjustable - leg or on two small legs.

A screen that consists of one panel with two small legs can also be very suitable for protecting the fire in a smaller fireplace. The panel must then sufficiently close off the fireplace opening.


Style of the fire screen

Fire screens are typically no older than the 18th century. The styles of fire screens were often like the style for the house and the fireplace. So the first screens in France are Louis XIV, and the first fire screens in the UK have the Georgian style.

Of course, it can be nice to choose a fireplace in the style of the fireplace. Ultimately, it is also a matter of taste. A 19th century iron, fairly simple fire screen from France (Napoleon III style) can, for example, serve as a beautiful balance for a more decorated hearth. This has the additional advantage that it less distracts attention from the decorations of the fireplace.


19th c English Victorian Fire Screen19th c English Victorian Fire Screen


19th c French Art Nouveau Fire Screen19th c French Art Nouveau Fire Screen


19th c French Napoleon III Fire Screen19th c French Napoleon III Fire Screen


Size of the fire screen

How you can best determine the size of your fire screen is described on our website under: How big should a fireplace screen be?


Let us advise you

In our webshop, it is possible to select a fire screen by material, size and style. If you have any doubts as to which fire screen would fit, please feel free to call us (+31 653493998) or e-mail us ([email protected]). With the dimensions of your fireplace and possibly a photo, we can undoubtedly give a good recommendation.



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