10 tips for choosing a screen for a fireplace


1 | Make sure the fireplace screen stops the sparks

Fire screens typically have a height of around 50 cm (20"), suitable for moderate fires with dry wood and at a fire height of no more than 10 cm (4"). For larger fires, consider a taller screen to match the fire's height. Ensure the screen for the fireplace fully covers the fireplace opening. Multi-panel screens, like our new handmade model based on the French design, can be extended to six panels to accommodate various sizes. For fast-burning woods that produce more sparks, completely covering the fireplace opening is advisable. The screen's mesh should be fine enough to prevent sparks from passing through.


Handmade large French fireplace screen


2 | Provide a good view of the fire

To keep the view of the fire, it is important to find a fireplace screen that does not stand out too much. Dark or black fireplace screens tend to blend in, while brass fireplace screens, especially polished ones, stand out more. The screen's decoration level also affects its visibility. However, a noticeable fireplace screen can enhance an unused fireplace's appearance. Opt for a lower screen if a tall one is unnecessary, to maintain a clear view of the fire.


Antique French fireplace screen in an antique fireplace


3 | Do not allow the fire screen to block too much heat

Select a fireplace screen with a mesh that is open enough to let heat through but fine enough to catch sparks. Avoid glass screens as they block heat. Traditional French screens with wide braided mesh are ideal for balancing spark prevention and heat flow.


New, handmade French 3-panel fire screen


4 | Keep small children and animals away from the fire

It's crucial to protect children and animals from the fire. While educating children on fire safety, also use a childproof screen to maintain a safe distance. A fire guard can complement the fireplace aesthetically and offer protection, especially with gas fires that don't emit sparks.


New, handmade 4-panel fireplace screen


5 | Note the weight of the screen for the fireplace

A heavy or large screen can be cumbersome, especially if it includes a fireplace screen door. Consider the necessity of keeping the screen in front of the fire constantly. Folding fireplace screens offer a lighter, more manageable option and are easier to store when not in use.


Antique fireplace screen in modern fireplace


6 | Consider the ease of storage

Multi-panel screens are preferable for their ease of storage and decorative appearance when folded. Large, single-panel fire screens, especially those with doors, can be unwieldy and less aesthetically pleasing when stored next to the fireplace.


The antique folding fireplace screens are decorative even when folded

The antique French folding screens are even decorative when folded


7 | What size fireplace screen fits your fireplace?

Selecting the correct size fireplace screen is important. Consider the fire size, wood type, presence of children and pets, and the fireplace's interior dimensions. Our article provides guidance on choosing the right size: How big should a fireplace screen be?


New, handmade French fireplace screen in a modern French fireplace


8 | Pay attention to the right style of fireplace screen

The style of fireplace screens often matches the fireplace and home's overall style, dating back to as early as the 18th century. While matching styles is aesthetically pleasing, the final choice depends on personal preference. A simple 19th-century iron screen can complement a decorated fireplace without detracting from its features, while a richly decorated screen can enhance a plainer fireplace.


9 | Note on decoration in case of an unused fireplace

For unused fireplaces, any screen, guard, or fender that matches the decor works well. Safety concerns are minimal, allowing for more decorative freedom. An English fireguard can add character, and a fine mesh can block drafts more effectively.


Folded antique fireplace screens in multiple colors

Folded antique fireplace screens in multiple colors


10 | Get advice

Our webshop allows you to filter fireplace screens by material, size, and style. If you're unsure, contact us for personalized advice based on your fireplace's dimensions and a photo.



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