10 tips for choosing a fireplace screen


1 | Make sure the fireplace screen stops the sparks

Fire screens often have a height of around 50 cm (20"). This height is sufficient if you are stoking moderate fires with dry wood and at a fire height of no more than 10 cm (4"). However, large fires with a lot of burning wood can increase the height of the fire, so it may be wise to choose a higher fireplace screen. Adjust the height of the fireplace screening to suit the size of the fire.

It is important that the screen for fireplace properly closes the width of the fireplace opening or encloses the fire properly. In many fireplaces, you can solve this problem with multi-panel fireplace screens. For example, our new handmade fire screen based on the French model can be extended to six panels.

Also, if you are burning poorly dried, fast-burning types of wood (spruce, poplar, pine, etc.), the fire will spread more sparks and jump in all directions. In this case, it is better to close the whole fireplace opening.

Ensure that the fire screen has a mesh that is fine enough to prevents sparks from passing through it.


Handmade large French fireplace screen


2 | Provide a good view of the fire

To keep the view of the fire, it is important to find a fireplace screen that does not stand out too much. It is less noticeable if the fireplace screen forms a whole with the hearth. This is usually the case with dark fireplace screens. A brass fireplace screen is often more noticeable, particularly if it is polished brass. The degree of decoration of the screen fireplace also plays a role.

On the other hand, an eye-catching fireplace screen can look great in an unused fireplace. This gives the impression of a used hearth.

The disadvantage of a very tall fireplace screen is that it takes away the view of the fire. If that height is not necessary against the sparks, choosing a lower screen is a decisive reason.


Antique French fireplace screen in an antique fireplace


3 | Do not allow the fire screen to block too much heat

Choose a fireplace screen that does not have too fine and thick a mesh. The more open the mesh is, the less heat it blocks. The mesh should, of course, be fine enough to stop sparks. Many traditional French fireplace screens have this feature in that they have a wide braided mesh that does prevent any sparks.

Do not choose a glass fireplace screen. Glass blocks heat in a fireplace. This is, therefore, not a sustainable choice.


New, handmade French 3-panel fire screen


4 | Keep small children and animals away from the fire

Of course, we don't want our children and animals to burn themselves on the fire. Teach children at an early age that fire is dangerous. At the same time, it is essential to keep children and animals at a distance from the fire. Therefore, choose a childproof fireplace screen that closes or encloses the fire at a distance.

A fire guard also has this purpose and often forms a beautiful whole with the fireplace. A fireplace guard usually has a coarse mesh screen and is therefore only suitable as a fireplace screen if no sparks can come from the fire into the room. This is, for example, the case with a gas fire.


New, handmade 4-panel fireplace screen


5 | Note the weight of the fireplace screen

A large or heavy fireplace screen can be difficult to store. If there is also a door in the fire screen, it is extra heavy. The fireplace screen is then always in front of the fire, while this is not always necessary if somebody is monitoring the fire. Of course, you put the fireplace screen in front of the fire again when you leave the room (for a while).

Folding fireplace screens are often lighter than flat fireplace screens with one large panel and can easily be put away. Panel fireplace screens have smaller panels and are thus less heavy.


Antique fireplace screen in modern fireplace


6 | Consider the ease of storage

Choose a multi-panel fireplace screen because it folds easily and looks decorative when folded. So you can put it right next to the fireplace for storage. However, large fireplace screens with a large middle panel are often heavy to move, especially if they have doors and do not look very nice next to the fireplace. Therefore, such single panel fireplace screens always remain in front of the fireplace.


The antique folding fireplace screens are decorative even when folded

The antique French folding screens are even decorative when folded


7 | What size fireplace screen fits your fireplace?

It is important to choose the right size fireplace screen. As mentioned above, the size of the fire, the use of suitable wood, and the presence of small children and animals all play a role. In addition, the size of the inside of the fireplace is also an important factor. This article explains what you can look out for when making this choice: How big should a fireplace screen be?


New, handmade French fireplace screen in a modern French fireplace


8 | Pay attention to the right style of fireplace screen

Fireplace screens are usually no older than the 18th century. The styles of fireplace screens follow the styles of the fireplace and of the house. For example, the first screens in France are Louis XIV, and the first fireplace screens in the UK have the Georgian style.

It is often wonderful to choose fireplace screening in the style of the fireplace and of the house. But ultimately, this is a matter of taste.

For example, a 19th-century iron, rather simple fireplace screen from France (Napoléon III style) can look good as a balance in a more decorated fireplace. This has the added advantage that it does not distract so much attention from the decorations of the fireplace. But, at the same time, a richly decorated fireplace screen can add allure to a less beautiful fireplace.


9 | Note on decoration in case of an unused fireplace

With an unused fireplace, you can choose any fire screen, fireguard, or fender that blends in with the fireplace. If the fireplace has been bricked up, you can choose decorative fireplace screens that consist of a single panel on legs.

Because safety is not an issue, you can let go of the requirements for the size of the screen and for the mesh. You can, therefore, for example, put an English fireguard in front of the fireplace. This adds instant atmosphere to the fire but is not always suitable as a fire screen.

You can also choose a fine mesh that blocks more cold from the fireplace because the material is more solid.


Folded antique fireplace screens in multiple colors

Folded antique fireplace screens in multiple colors


10 | Get advice

Our webshop makes it possible to select a fireplace screen by material, size, and style. If you are unsure which fireplace screen would fit, you can call us (06-53493998) or email ([email protected]). With the measurements of the fireplace and possibly a picture, we can undoubtedly give you good advice.



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