Andiron grates

By using andirons along with an andiron grate, you elevate the fire off the ground. This arrangement not only keeps the fire in place, even with smaller logs, but also enhances the airflow, leading to improved combustion. This results in a more sustainable burning process. In addition to using andiron grates with andirons, you can achieve similar effects with a fire basket. Our newly made grates, designed for use with fireplace andirons, are crafted by a skilled Dutch blacksmith and can be selected to your needs in terms of width, height, and depth. For further information, please visit: 10 Tips for choosing a fireplace grate or andirons

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Fireplace Rack for Andirons | 18" x 12" made of Steel
Fireplace Grates made of
Small Wood Grate for Andirons | 19" x 12" made of Steel
Fireplace Grate for Andirons | 22" x 12" made of Steel
Small Fire Grate for Andirons | 22" x 12" made of Steel
Steel Fireplace Grate for Andirons | 24" x 13" made of Steel
Small Fireplace Grate for Andirons | 24" x 12" made of Steel
Large Fireplace Grate for Andirons | 26" x 13" made of Steel
Large Fireplace Grate for Andirons | 28" x 13" made of Steel
Large Fire Grate for Andirons | 29" x 12" made of Wrought iron
Large Fire Grate for Andirons | 32" x 13" made of Steel

11 Items

Consider the spacing of the grate bars

The spacing between the bars of the andiron grate should accommodate the size of the logs you intend to burn. The bars need to be close enough together to prevent the wood from falling through, yet not so close that airflow from below is restricted.

Choose the appropriate width for the andiron grate

Select a grate width that matches the maximum width of the fire you plan to burn in your fireplace. Ensure that the chosen grate width does not exceed the width of the fireback. Although the andirons may visually appear wider than the fireback, the andiron grate should complement the overall aesthetics without exceeding the fireback's width.

Ensure proper fit with the andirons

The andiron grate should fit securely on the supports of the andirons without protruding from the fireplace. This ensures safety and facilitates efficient combustion and smoke removal.

Enhance the aesthetics of your gas fireplace

You can enhance the ambiance of your gas fireplace by using antique fireplace andirons along with a andirons grate or a fire basket. Concealing the burner bed using this combination adds warmth and character to your fireplace. Seek expert advice when purchasing these antique fireplace accessories and coordinating them with the burner bed. Professionals can provide valuable insights into achieving the desired effect. For more information, please visit: How do I decorate a gas fireplace like a real fireplace?

Ash pan not needed, get used to an ash layer

An ash pan under the andirons and grate might seem to have its advantages; it eliminates the need to scoop ashes out of the fireplace and just empty the ash pan. However, the ash pan has a significant drawback that negates the advantage of burning on andirons and a grate. It concerns the underfloor ventilation necessary for good draught and combustion. Furthermore, an ash layer has the benefit of acting as an insulation layer; with an ash layer, the fireplace is less cold and, as a result, there is a quicker and better draught in the fireplace. Therefore, do not scoop all the ash away so that a thin layer remains. Read also: Do I need an ash pan in my fireplace?