Louis XIII

This style, just like the Renaissance style, is based on classical Italy, but it also has various other influences (Flemish, Italian and Spanish). Motifs that were used are garlands with geometric shapes, garlands of leaves (often acanthus), fruit and flowers and oval shapes. With the rise of the House of Bourbon as the royal house of France (starting in 1600), firebacks also appeared with the symbols of the House of Bourbon, such as the Fleur de Lis. In addition, firebacks now also portrayed political events, such as peace, peace treaties and political actions by the citizens. In the Netherlands, the famous Pro Patria firebacks appeared, which portray the formation of the Dutch Republic in 1579, and firebacks that symbolized the Peace of Munster treaty in 1648. During this period, andirons first became decorated objects, as decoration in the fireplace. Wrought iron andirons were now combined with andirons of bronze and brass. Often, both materials were used together.

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