The Wolf and the Dog

The fable of the wolf and the dog (Jean de la Fontaine 1621-1695). A hungry wolf meets a well-fed dog and compliments him on his good appearance. The dog describes his life of ease and invites the wolf to join him. As they go on their way, the wolf asks why the fur about the dog's neck is worn away. The dog replies that it is merely caused by the collar he has to wear at home. The wolf then leaves him, saying that a full belly is a rather poor price to pay for liberty.
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Classification: ***: Very good condition, limited wear given the age and use. **: Clear signs of wear and possible structural problems including small instabilities. Still well suited for use in an open fireplace. *: Structural instability that hinders function other than decorative. For example, open fireplace tongs with a loose mechanism so that the ends can overlap. A fireback in this classification can still be used in a gas fireplace or as a backsplash. Should you want additional information about the quality or the classification of a specific fireplace accessory, do not hesitate to ask.

Age20th century
StyleArt Nouveau/Arts & Crafts
Width63.0 cm | 24.8 inches
Height49.5 cm | 19.5 inches
Depth 2.0 cm | 0.8 inches
Weight26 kg | 57 lbs
MaterialsCast iron

If an old or antique fireplace accessory has a nice brown patina of rust, we tend to preserve that; thus the items remains brown. In all other instances, our firebacks and andirons have been treated with stove polish and thereby have a black/greyish color. If you prefer to have a black-colored fireback or pair of andirons, we can deliver any brown fireback or pair of andirons in black. Yet, a black fireplace accessory cannot be delivered in brown. Realize that a fireback in use in a fireplace will get black in its central section regardless.