Secure shopping

Leaving personal information is unavoidable when you want to order something. We store all the information that you give to us securely under lock and key. We do that with one of the most modern techniques, the Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

For this we make use of a secured internet connection as soon as you start the payment for your order. Then others do not get the chance to secretly take a peek. Via SSL, your transaction information will be sent over the internet in encrypted form. To pay with SSL, you do not need any special software. You can recognize a secure SSL connection from the “green lock” (see below) in your browser.


SSL connection of


Someone who has no business looking at your information cannot access it. We never use your information to show you different prices than other customers. All our customers see the same prices for our articles and products. We also never share your information with other parties.

There are some parties to whom we sometimes have to give your information in order to be able to complete the order and make a delivery. In those cases, we require that the third party handle your information just as carefully as we do and will only use the information for the purpose for which it has been given. Should you have the feeling that this is not the case, let us know via our customer service.

The safety of your details during the order process is of the utmost importance. Our payment platform, Adyen, is a leading e-commerce platform operating worldwide and serving companies like, Spotify, Airbnb, Netflix and others. The company keeps our and your payments safe with data encryption, PCI DSS, 3-D Secure and advanced protection against fraud.