10 tips for eco-friendly fireplace use

Andirons or firedogs for sale

Wood is a more sustainable fuel than fossil fuel. This is because wood emits less CO2 during combustion and because wood is not a finite fuel but can regrow. Burning wood nevertheless still affects the environment. In addition, there are people who are bothered by the smoke that is released from burning wood. Eco-friendly use therefore means taking into account the environment and our fellow man.

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10 tips to improve the draft of the chimney of the open fireplace

Improving the draft in the fireplace

10 tips to improve the draft of the chimney of the open fireplace. Many people experience problems with the draft of the open fireplace, even when the fireplace is newly constructed. Here you can find a number of tips in order to reduce the fireplace smoke in a smoky fireplace, starting with the least drastic measures and ending with the most drastic measures.

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How do I decorate my fireplace?

Nicely decorated fireplace with antique fireplace accessories

Fireplace accessories have all kinds of functions for the fireplace. A fireback radiates heat and thus increases the effectiveness of the fire. In addition, a fireback protects the back wall of the fireplace. With fireplace tools, you can increase or decrease the fire. And andirons, together with a grate, can improve the draft in the hearth. In addition to their functional properties, fireplace accessories can also embellish the fireplace. That is what it is all about here: How do I decorate my fireplace with antique fireplace accessories so that my fireplace looks better?

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How to install a fireback above a stove?

How to mount a fireback as backsplash

An antique fireback as a backsplash instantly gives character to a kitchen. However many people do not look forward to safely install a heavy fireback above their stove. Unnecessary as there are several ways to safely mount a fireback. We describe them here. However it is important that the best option for you is agreed with the contractor who installs the fireback. This person should ensure that the fireback is safely mounted.

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Which fireplace accessories do I need?

Burning fireplace with fireplace accessories

Fireplace accessories are all items used in or for the fireplace. They generally have three functions: 1. Handling the fire in such a way that it is more pleasant, safer and more manageable; 2. Handling the fire so that it is more sustainable for the environment; and 3. A decorative function. Old and antique fireplace accessories are often beautifully made and bear witness to great craftsmanship. These works of art can beautify any fireplace, including a gas fireplace or a fireplace that isn't used.

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How do I cook in my fireplace with antique fireplace accessories?

Hearth cooking with antique fireplace tools

Hearth cooking is romantic, cosy and cool. And it does not depend on the weather, like barbecuing does. That is a big advantage. In addition, cooking on a wood fire gives the food a delicious flavor. There are different ways to cook or grill in the fireplace. These methods are derived from the ways in which, in times when there was not yet a stove, cooking was done in the fireplace. In addition, use was made of all kinds of fireplace accessories. Fireplace tools were necessary to properly regulate the fire for the preparation of the food. Fireplace accessories were also needed to prepare the food and to hang the food or the pan in front of the fire. These antique fireplace accessories can still be used for cooking in the fireplace. The advantage of antique fireplace accessories is that these accessories are often beautifully made and attest to a great craftsmanship. It is also a nice idea to build on age-old cooking methods.

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How do I choose andirons-with-grate or a fire basket?

Andirons or firedogs for sale

Fireplace andirons provide a better draft in the fireplace, better burning of the wood (environmental aspect) and hold the wood so that it cannot easily roll out of the fireplace (safety). No grate is required when using large logs or tree trunks. With smaller logs, it is wise to place a fireplace grate on the beams of the andirons. Instead of andirons with a grate, you can also opt for a fireplace basket of grate, where the andirons and the grate form one whole.

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How do I choose a fireplace screen?

Antique Fire Screen


We distinguish three types of fire screens: 1. fire screens that protect the house, people and animals against the risks of a burning fire; 2. decorative screens or summer screens that only serve to decorate the fireplace when there is no fire burning; and 3. fire screens that protect people from the heat of the fire (primarily a function from the past)

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What is the purpose of a fireplace screen?

Purpose of a fireplace screen

The primary function of a fireplace screen is to prevent sparks from the fire from entering the room. Fire caused by a fireplace is still a common cause of house fires. In addition, a fireplace screen prevents children and pets from coming into contact with the fire.

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What is the purpose of andirons, firedogs and fireplace grates?

What is the purpose of andirons and fireplace grates?

What is the purpose of andirons or firedogs? It is possible to build a fireplace fire on the hearth floor of the fireplace. This fire, though, will not burn as well and long because a fire needs a great deal of air. An open fireplace needs 250 – 350 m3 of air per hour. That is why andirons or firedogs are needed.

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